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CoSpace Robotics Competition

Cospace participantsCoSpace participantsAlongside the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, EBTIC organised a CoSpace Robotics competition for the first time in the UAE. The CoSpace is an action-orientated four-day programming competition is aimed at all aged 10-14, and aims to interest students in programming and problem solving.  It provides learning opportunities to those who have never programmed before, or those who has a significant background in programming.

We picked 30 Emirati talented school students that are recognised as high achievers with obvious interest in programming from across the UAE to attend the first CoSpace event in UAE. By introducing such initiative, we are hoping to inspire a new generation of UAE students about programming, robotics, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The program is delivered by a team from the UK who assist with the running of CoSpace in the UK.  This includes BT volunteers who work with schools to teach the software and develop their program and also volunteers from the RoboCup environment who run and deliver CoSpace within the UK. Extremely positive feedback was received from the students as well as the Ministry of Education.