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Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

The conference was organised by EBTIC to provide an overview of AI, its history, international development and use cases and a UAE perspective highlighting EBTIC’s leading work in AI and talent development since its inception. It was attended by a number of Etisalat executives, including Mr Khalifa Alfoorah (Etisalat Chief Strategy and Governance Officer) and Mr Sabri Yahya (Etisalat CIO) who sat on a very prestigious panel with Dr Arif Al Hammadi (Executive VP of Khalifa University) and Paul O’brien (Director of Service, Security and Operations, BT Research).

We also had guests from ADNOC, SEHA, DoE, DoH, SCAD, KU and many other UAE organisations. Around 100 delegates visited the EBTIC Showcase before and after the event to see the latest EBTIC AI demos, such as FTTH Planning, Indoor Distributed Antennae System, AI Inventory Management and so forth. Delegates heard talks on AI trends around the globe, how BT is utilising AI for various use cases, as well as how the UAE can harness AI. The discussions after the event created wider project opportunities for EBTIC, and have also focused thinking on how to improve the down-streaming of projects from research into development.

Please download the entire slide pack here or you can down the individual sections below. 


    Welcoming Remarks and Introduction
Dr Arif al Hammadi, Executive Vice President, Khalifa University
  Setting the Scene for Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Nader Azarmi, Head of Global Research and Innovation Programme, BT
  Everything You Need to Know About AI
Prof. Ernesto Damiani, Director of Information Security Center Electrical and Computer Engineering and EBTIC

Global and Business Perspectives on AI

Steve Whittaker, Head of Strategic US Academic Research, BT

  Applying AI in BT
Paul O’Brien, Director of Service, Security and Operations, BT
  AI: A UAE Perspective
Dr Nawaf Almoosa, Deputy Director of EBTIC