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A joint EBTIC-BT project wins the 2017 Global Annual Achievement Award for Artificial Intelligence

22nd of February, 2017

INTUITU Strategic Planner tool which was jointly developed by EBTIC and BT has won the 2017 Global Annual Achievement Award for Artificial Intelligence, in the “Best use of AI for Automation” category.

The tool is an innovative application that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to optimise the spread of spare parts across telecom networks. The tool also helps to visualise the network and highlight where the spare parts are situated in the exchange sites.

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence celebrates various achievements of the AI community in developing new algorithms, products and services across a number of different industries. This win demonstrate again the quality of EBTIC’s research capabilities.

Dr. Sid Shakya, Chief Researcher at EBTIC said “Our INTUITU tool comprises a number of core AI capabilities. It use visual analytics to highlight the spread of spare parts and find any risky sites that has low accessibility to spares.” Dr. Glibert Owusu, Head of Resource Management Technology Research, at BT Research and Innovation added: “ it also use AI techniques to proactively plan the distribution of spare parts, to make sure teams have the right parts available at the right place”.

The tool was developed by Dr. Sid Shakya and Dr. Rom Lee from EBTIC  together with Dr. Gilbert Owusu and Dr. Carla Di Cairano-Gilfedder from BT.