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World Hi-Tech Forum 2010 focus UAE

Published:14th of October, 2010

Prof. Nader Azarmi (Director of EBTIC) presented EBTIC and its key Research and Innovation activities at the BITE's "World Hi-Tech Forum 2010 focus UAE" which was attended by aroun...

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BT senior managers visit EBTIC

Published:6th of October, 2010

George Nazi, BT's President of Global Networks & Computing Infrastructure (21CN) visited EBTIC during his recent trip to the UAE. George was briefed on EBTIC research and innov...

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EBTIC presence at Ankabut Users Meeting

Published:30th of September, 2010

EBTIC Researcher Abdulla Al Zaabi gave a presentation in Ankabut Users’ Meeting held on the campus of Khalifa University. The title of the presentati...

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