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Constructions with High Algebraic Degree of Differentially 4-Uniform (n,n-1)-Function

Theme: Smart Infrastructure
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): Yousuf Alsalami
Published in: Sequences and its Applications (SETA 2016)
Published: 31-Oct-2016

A Retinex model based on Absorbing Markov Chains

Theme: Enterprise
Category: Journal
Author(s): Gabriele Gianini , Alessandro Rizzi , Ernesto Damiani
Published in: Information Sciences, Volume 327
Published: 10-Jan-2016

Guest editorial-large-scale Web virtualized environment

Theme: Enterprise
Category: Journal
Author(s): Ernesto Damiani , Kokou YĆ©tongnon , Richard Chbeir
Published in: World Wide Web 19(1): 1-3 (2016)
Published: 01-Jan-2016

Modelling the Role of Trust in Social Relationships

Theme: iCampus
Category: Journal
Author(s): A. Sutcliffe , D. Wang , R. Dunbar
Published in: ACM Transactions on Internet Technology
Published: 31-Dec-2015

A hybrid optimization approach for multi-layer FTTH network design

Theme: Networks
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): 487 , Kin Poon , Anis Ouali , Peng-Yong Kong and Sid Shakya
Published in: The 35th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BCS-SGAI AI-2015)
Published: 16-Dec-2015