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A clustering algorithm for radial basis function neural network initialization

Theme: iCampus
Category: Journal
Author(s): Di Wang , Xiao-Jun Zeng and John A. Keane
Published in: Neurocomputing
Published: 02-Jan-2012

Augmenting Initiative Game Worlds with Mobile Digital Devices

Theme: GICT
Category: Book Chapter
Author(s): Jule Hildmann , Hanno Hildmann
Published in: Springer: Serious Games and Edutainment Applications
Published: 01-Jan-2012

Integrating Process Modelling into Multi-Agent System Engineering

Theme: iCampus
Category: Journal
Author(s): T. Kuster , M. Lutzenberger , A. Heβler , Benjamin Hirsch
Published in: Special Issue on
Published: 01-Jan-2012

Multilayer Dynamic Traffic Grooming with Constrained Differentiated Resilience in IP or MPLS-over-WDM Networks

Theme: Networks
Category: Journal
Author(s): Jaafar Elmirghani
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management
Published: 01-Jan-2012

Strategic Behaviour in a Living Environment

Theme: iCampus
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): M. Lützenberger , S. Ahrndt , Benjamin Hirsch , N. Masuch , A. Heßler , S. Albayrak
Published in: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference
Published: 14-Dec-2011