About us

Welcome to The Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC)

EBTIC is an ICT research and innovation centre established by Etisalat, BT, and Khalifa University and supported by ICT Fund.

It is located at the Abu Dhabi Campus of Khalifa University with management and research staff from BT, Etisalat and Khalifa University.

EBTIC aims to advance intelligent ICT and next generation network applications and solutions for the Next Generation Networks (NGNs) and NGN-enabled ICT applications and services, in order to put in place the support infrastructure to facilitate, develop and enable the Digital Networked Economy in the UAE and beyond.

Through collaboration with industry, universities and governmental organisations, EBTIC is expected to become a driving force for innovation in the field of NGN-enabled ICT applications and services, both within the Middle East region and beyond.



  • Tackle national and societal challenges
  • Scientific Excellence through Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
  • Realise value through technology and intellectual property exploitation
  • Transfer knowledge and technologies to benefit its partners and stakeholders
  • Drive talent development programmes

Our News

Senior Management

Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla

Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla

Undersecretary of the Academic Affairs of the Higher Education, Ministry of Education (for KU)

Prof. Tim John Whitley

Prof. Tim John Whitley

Managing Director, Applied Research, BT Plc. (for BT)

Saleh Sayed Ahmed

Saleh Sayed Ahmed

Divisional Head of Digital Services and Customer Experience Division of Technology, Etisalat UAE