The partnership between industry, academia and government that is at the core of EBTIC’s modus operandi gives it unique characteristics enabling it to produce ICT and Next Generation Networks focused research and innovation results that deliver value-added and business benefits to the partners, UAE society and beyond.

EBTIC was established by Etisalat, BT and Khalifa University and is supported by ICT Fund. The signing on October 7, 2008 of this landmark agreement by the three founding partners created a highly ambitious joint industry and academia international centre for telecommunications research and innovation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The centre represents a significant achievement accentuating the effectiveness of collaborative open innovation in driving research and innovation, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generation and developing talents, while enabling its industry partners to better serve their customers through the application of these innovations. EBTIC’s collaboration with academia in the UAE and globally contributes to education and smart learning programmes as well as scientific advancement.

Since EBTIC started its operations in 2009, it has grown from strength to strength and aligned itself with the UAE national priorities through a relentless research and innovation agenda that delivers tangible outcomes to address business, infrastructure and societal challenges.