EBTIC operates a number of employment schemes both long term as full time staff as well as short term through its fellowship and internship programs.

EBTIC also runs training and devolvement schemes for UAE national students and UAE national engineers through its internship and secondment schemes.

EBTIC continuously seek to attract and develop talent from the UAE and globally to join its wold-class research and innovation team and deliver high calibre research and innovation output.

EBTIC Student Internship

EBTIC has the concept of industry-academia collaboration embedded deep within its operation philosophy and beliefs. This strong focus on this kind of collaboration not only stems from EBTIC’s state of the art approach to research and innovation that demands it, but is further re-enforced by EBTIC’s partners (Etisalat, BT, Khalifa University and ICT Fund).

The close ties and operational relationship that EBTIC enjoys with Khalifa University heightens this collaboration and crystallises it in a number of ongoing joint programs. In addition, as the development of local talent and investment in people is at the core of EBTIC’s vision and mission, it is only natural that EBTIC focuses a great deal of its collaboration with academia on initiatives that contribute towards achieving this.

The student internship program is one such initiative where EBTIC provides industrial placements for talented UAE national students from various UAE Universities to work on industrial projects with clear tangible deliverables and outcomes.

The interns have the opportunity to work alongside EBTIC researchers and in some cases with EBTIC partners to develop solutions to address real industry or societal challenges. Each student is provided with an industry supervisor from EBTIC to provide day to day guidance and support to achieve the agreed project objectives.

The internship which lasts around 6 weeks is closely managed by EBTIC’s industrial supervisors in close collaboration with their academic counterparts and or relevant academic department.

Students are invited to apply, and all applications are assessed in terms of the background of the students and their ability to engage in research based projects.

Please send your application or questions to:
Director of EBTIC