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EBTIC Supports  Abu Dhabi Digital Authority ADDAthon 2021

EBTIC supported Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) with their latest 2021 hackathon. This hackathon was a 2-week online version, open to innovators from across the globe, and the aim was to deep-dive into ADDA’s open-source data platform to transform the raw data available into new digital solutions for Abu Dhabi. Participants had 2 weeks to build a prototype and demo their solution to a panel of judges. As part of the opening two day plenary sessions, EBTICs experts presented to the audience of innovators and various Abu Dhabi Government Entities.

On the first day, Dr Nawaf Almoosa, Director of EBTIC, discussed EBTIC, and spent time focussing on the 3 main themes of work that we focus on, Smart Society, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Enterprise, as well as some project examples within each of those themes. He discussed projects completed for a selection of UAE Government Entities, including predicting food imports levels into the UAE, based on forecasted commodity demand. Other technologies presented including EBTICs work on Intelligent Buildings and Network Planning.

The next day, Dr Ahmed Aldhanhani, Senior Researcher, presented the work he has been doing using the Abu Dhabi Open Data platform, the same platform that the hackathon contestants would be using. Dr Ahmed inspired the audience, and helped them hone in on their own use cases by giving the benefit of his experience. One of the use cases he worked on looked at trying to identify which businesses in Abu Dhabi had a higher risk of closing down than others. To do this, he used multiple data sets from the platform. He gave tips on data pre-processing, as well as his use of ElasticSearch to analyse and visualise the output. This was a hugely helpful session for the audience, who learnt a great deal about what they are able to do, and the expectations of the judges during this hackathon.