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EBTIC International Research Internship and Fellowship


EBTIC operates an International Research Internship and Fellowship programme. The objective is to attract promising young talents and established scientists from around the world to come and work in EBTIC, Abu Dhabi, UAE for up to 3 months.

EBTIC is currently conducting research in 3 key areas:

  • Smart Enterprise (Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Business Process Management and Optimisation)
  • Smart Infrastructure (Next Generation Communication Networks)
  • Smart Society (Sustainability and Green ICT, Intelligent Health Care Technologies, Education and Social Media Analysis)


More information on the themes and on-going projects can be found on the EBITC website (

Applicants are invited to submit their CV and a short 1-page description of the research work they are planning to carry out during their visit, explicitly linking it to one of the themes. Evaluation criteria will include compatibility with EBTIC’s existing agenda, novelty, potential for publication and/or commercial exploitation, and feasibility (realism of stated objectives). 


Candidates should be MSc level or above in a relevant field (Computer Science, Engineering or, in exceptional cases, Natural Sciences or Mathematics). Only applicants with prior experience in academic or industrial research (as evidenced by technical publications, patents and/or employment record) will be considered.

Terms and conditions

Salary range: depending on experience.

Applications and inquiries

Please send your application or questions to:

Director of EBTIC