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Optimizing Field Productivity by Mobile Warehouse Deployment Using Evolutionary Algorithms

20th of February, 2020


Service organizations such as telecom or utility companies require uninterrupted availability of spare parts to maintain their service. It is very important for them to have right spares available at the right time at the right place. Spare parts are normally kept in a warehouse and it is crucial that the warehouses are also located in the right place, where they can provide maximum value to the business. Warehouses are increasingly getting smaller and mobile in their nature, which can be quickly deployed and redeployed to different locations in a very short time. Finding the optimal deployment locations of the warehouses quickly can be challenging, especially when there are a large number of storages involved. In this work, we present an evolutionary algorithm based approach to deploy a large number of mobile warehouses. The resulting tool can be periodically utilized to relocate them to different locations according to changing business requirements, at the same time providing a significantly better quality of design in comparison to a typical traditional manual mechanism. The presented solution is incorporated into a system called Intuit Strategic Planner that is operational at a major UK telecom and has contributed to a significant cost saving for the business.

Full paper is available to download here