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Dr. Rom Lee

Technology Manager

Dr. Rom Lee received his MS degree from Oklahoma State University in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 1999, and his PhD degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Software Engineering combined with Computer Linguistics in 2003.

He worked for a US company called Southern Dynamic System to build a fuzzy logic system which is powered by a generic programming language for constructing fuzzy logic models and inference modules. After getting his PhD degree, he joined the University of Bristol in 2003 as a Research Associate to work on a tele-care system, a joint project with BT. His main role was to analyze daily activities of elderly people to discover well-being related patterns using various existing AI data analysis algorithms as well as his own adaptive learning algorithm. After leaving the University of Bristol, he joined BT in 2007 as a Senior Researcher to work on Real Time Data Foundry project where he utilized his Computer Linguistics expertise to convert natural language query statements into Database language (SQL) and to construct automatic semantic mappings between concepts to assist user's decision making. He also worked on a network test and diagnostics project to identify and localize network faults in a holistic way by using historical, topological, and trend information. Currently, he is involved in Intelligent Revenue Management project and is working on telecom network planning optimization at EBTIC as a Principal Researcher.

His main research interests include context-aware data analysis, and intelligent knowledge representation and extraction.


  • Intelligent Revenue Management