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EBTIC Delivers Talks During Innovation Month

2nd of March, 2020

EBTIC, in collaboration with Liquid Studio by Etisalat, delivered a series of talks through Februarys Innovation Month.  

The events were held at Etisalat’s Liquid Studio Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi. The first event saw Dr. Dymitr Ruta, Chief Researcher at EBTIC, explaining how telecoms companies in the UAE can use the data they own for more out-of-the-box insights and potential new product opportunities.

The second event was a joint event with Mr Amr Omar, Director 5G and Mobile Network AI, discussed how Etisalat’s Mobile team upskilled in AI-related areas, and began to deliver real business benefit to the company through various use cases. EBTIC followed up this presentation with a look at the various opportunities available to the UAE to exploit the big data collected from smart cities and how the big data revolution has created an opportunity for AI and ML to be used for business and social benefit.