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Yet More EBTIC Students Graduate with a Masters

15th of May, 2018

We are really proud that EBTICs own Sara Alshamsi and Hamda Al Ali graduated with a Master of Science by research in Engineering in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Khalifa University.

“It’s a huge relief that it’s all done now, but it’s been a very enjoyable experience” said Sara.

It all started for both of them when they started their internships at EBTIC. Sara started working on a project to do with Indoor localization. “The work I did then was at a general level, but I learnt a lot and the people at EBTIC were so supportive”. Hamda had a similar experience where she elected to complete her senior design project with EBTIC "because I saw it as a great place to sharpen my skills" she said. “I selected EBTIC for the internship, as I believed I would gain a lot from a research centre and I would be exposed to different areas. I really appreciated that I was involved in a project where I saw that social media could be used to study and evaluate human behaviour.”

After finishing their internships, both Sara and Hamda wanted to carry on working with EBTIC, and did so by arranging their Masters with them.

Khalifa University provided a lot of project proposals for them to consider, and after both speaking with Prof. Rasool Asal at EBTIC, they were eager to carry on with EBTIC. “EBTIC were continuing their work on indoor localization, and when I saw that, with my experience from my internship, it all helped me decide to do my MSc and to do it with them too” explained Sara.

Hamda’s project was in the field of Augmented Reality, which was completely new to her, but she received a lot of support and ideas from EBTIC people. The inspiration for her work came from applying her AR work to the book written by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, entitled ‘My Vision’. EBTIC was even able to arrange for Hamda to present her work to H. H. Sheikh Mohammed. “EBTIC encouraged me to write my first conference paper and helped me to present and publish it, which I was very proud of”.

Aside from the team spirit, one of the main reasons Sara wanted to work at EBTIC was because they work directly with companies and UAE Government departments. “It’s great to know my project will make a difference with real companies.”

Hamda agreed with Sara. "For me, the EBTIC environment is very pleasant and supportive, where they continuously ask about their student and their doors are always open for everybody. When I decided to do graduate study I immediately selected EBTIC, as I know it’s the right place to do research and work with variety of talents and backgrounds."

When reflecting on her last few years in EBTIC, Sara really valued the opportunities that came about. She knows, for example, that her presentation skills have developed well as a result. “EBTIC has a lot of visitors from real companies and this gives the students chance to present their projects to them, which is great practice. Not only that, but I get to discuss my projects with real industry experts at EBTIC, getting help and advice, and this has been really useful for me.”

Now that her current studies are over, Sara plans to take a well-earned break, but is keen to start full-time at EBTIC so she can continue her work with real users and customers. Dr Nawaf Almoosa, Deputy Director of EBTIC said “We are extremely proud of the achievements of Hamda and Sara, and in fact all of our students. Whether they decide to continue towards a PhD, or whether they start their careers in industry, EBTIC is really proud of them both. We’re glad we’ve been able to give Sara and Hamda the opportunity to flourish.”

"My advice to students is to believe in themselves, which I learned to do by working with EBTIC.” Said Hamda, when asked what advice she would give to other Khalifa University students considering working with EBTIC. “When you get stuck on something do not hesitate to ask for assistance, they will do their best to help you. By working with EBTIC, you will have great opportunities and your dreams will be always adopted. EBTIC is not an ordinary work place - it’s my second home.”

“I’d recommend EBTIC to anyone!” said Sara. “You will really enjoy it because it’s not just about the project, it’s about the supportive and friendly team and these people really have an effect on you.”  

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with EBTIC, please contact Prof. Rasool Asal.