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Few are as Good as Many - An Ontology-Based Tweet Spam Detection Approach

Category: Journal
Author(s): B Halawi , A Mourad , H Otrok , E Damiani
Published in: IEEE Access
Published: 23-Oct-2018

Towards Conceptual Models for Machine Learning Computations

Category: Proceedings
Author(s): L Alqaydi , CY Yeun , E Damiani
Published in: Conference on Conceptual Modeling
Published: 22-Oct-2018

Search in a Maze-like Environment with Inverted ACO - Complexity, Size and Energy Study

Category: Proceedings
Author(s): Z. Husain , D. Ruta , F. Saffre , Y. Al-Hammadi and A. F. Isakovic
Published in: ANTS'2018
Published: 20-Oct-2018

Drone Pilot Identification by Classifying Radio-Control Signals

Category: Journal
Author(s): Abdulhadi Shoufan ,  Haitham M. Al-Angari ,  Muhammad Faraz Afzal Sheikh ,  Ernesto Damiani
Published in: IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security 13(10)
Published: 01-Oct-2018

An Efficient Cryptography-Based Access Control Using Inner-Product Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme

Category: Proceedings
Author(s): M Sepehri , A Trombetta , M Sepehri , E Damiani
Published in: International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
Published: 27-Sep-2018