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Stateful Public-Key Encryption - A Security Solution for Resource-Constrained Environment

Category: Book Chapter
Author(s): Joonsang Baek , Willy Susilo , Khaled Salah , Jun Su Ha , Ernesto Damiani , Ilsun You
Published in: Advances in Cyber Security: Principles, Techniques, and Applications
Published: 01-Jan-2019

Towards AI-Powered Multiple Cloud Management

Category: Journal
Author(s): Beniamino Di Martino , Antonio Esposito , Ernesto Damiani
Published in: IEEE Internet Computing
Published: 01-Jan-2019

VICA, a visual counseling agent for emotional distress

Category: Journal
Author(s): Yoshitaka Sakurai , Yukino Ikegami , Motoki Sakai , Hiroshi Fujikawa , Setsuo Tsuruta , Avelino J Gonzalez , Eri
Published in: Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
Published: 01-Jan-2019

Embedding a Digital Wallet to Pay-with-a-Selfie, from Functional Requirements to Prototype

Category: Proceedings
Author(s): Ernesto Damiani , Rasool Asal , Stelvio Cimato , Fulvio Frati , Chan Yeob Yeun
Published in: Emerging Technologies for Developing Countries: Second EAI International Conference, AFRICATEK 2018
Published: 01-Jan-2019

Moon Cloud - A Cloud Platform for ICT Security Governance

Category: Proceedings
Author(s): Marco Anisetti , Claudio A Ardagna , Filippo Gaudenzi , Ernesto Damiani , Nicla Diomede , Patrizio Tufarolo
Published in: 2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)
Published: 19-Dec-2018