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Outlines for dynamic visualization of Semantic Web data

Theme: Enterprise
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): 54 , A. Afzal , 33
Published in: ON THE MOVE TO MEANINGFUL INTERNET SYSTEMS: OTM 2010 WORKSHOPS: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 20
Published: 25-Oct-2010

Self-Aware Wireless Sensor Network- a Joint Localisation and Orientation Approach

Theme: iCampus
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): 52
Published in: IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications & Signal Processing (WCSP'10), pp. 1-6, 201
Published: 21-Oct-2010

A preliminary analysis of 5 separate multi-national comparative studies on the use and the availability of mobile devices in the educational sector

Theme: GICT
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): 47 , Thomas Hainey , Jule Hildmann , Daniel Livingstone
Published in: The 4th European Conference on Games Based Learning ECGBL2010, Copenhagen, October 2010
Published: 20-Oct-2010

Intelligent Adherence Support to Manage Contractual Relationships

Theme: iCare
Category: Proceedings
Author(s): Guttmann , Christian et al.
Published in: 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology
Published: 31-Aug-2010

Demanding Traffic Control and Management in Next Generation Networks

Theme: Networks
Category: Book
Author(s): Hamada Alshaer
Published in: ISBN: 978-3838394725, Lambert Academic Publishing
Published: 27-Aug-2010