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Smart Infrastructure

Packet technologies now form the foundation for modern day telecommunication networks and appear in fixed, mobile and converged networks. This acceptance has been equally driven by advances in high-speed electronics and switching, the cost-effectiveness of fibre and wireless access, and the ubiquity of IP/Ethernet/MPLS technologies, as well as their ability to act as the uniform and unifying layer for many underlying transport technologies.

EBTIC carries out research and development to meet the needs of next generation’s systems and services both on the network and the IT sides of the infrastructure. The research focuses on solutions that serves residential and business customers based on emerging wireline and wireless broadband technologies.  This area of work focuses primarily on access networks, smart network design, wireless access systems, wireless communications fundamentals and theory, wireless/wireline services and applications and revenue optimisation management. In addition, virtualised networks and IT infrastructure is positioned as a major activity in which EBTIC aims to design and develop a framework to support Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and virtualised data centres, providing the means for users to configure and utilise network devices and IT systems based on cloud computing technologies.