EBTIC operates a number of employment schemes both long term as full time staff as well as short term through its fellowship and internship programs.

EBTIC also runs training and devolvement schemes for UAE national students and UAE national engineers through its internship and secondment schemes.

EBTIC continuously seek to attract and develop talent from the UAE and globally to join its wold-class research and innovation team and deliver high calibre research and innovation output.

EBTIC Secondment Scheme for UAE National ICT Engineers

Talent and skills development is one of EBTIC’s primary objectives that supports its technology transfer strategy through research and innovation and open innovation training in areas of strategic importance to its partners and the UAE. As EBTIC builds and focuses its research and innovation programme on key ICT challenges faced by its partners and society, it is vital that EBTIC puts in place mechanisms to diffuse the knowledge and learning achieved by EBTIC to its partners.

To that aim EBTIC not only drives to achieve technology transfer but also imbed an innovation capability and practice within the partners’ teams that EBTIC collaborates with. An important step towards accomplishing this dual remit, is the secondment scheme for UAE national ICT engineers employed by EBTIC partners, collaborators and government organisations in the UAE.

While the scheme is tailored to the partners’ requirements, it is based on part-time assignment (normally 2-3 days per week) basis where the assignees will be based at EBTIC for durations of six months during which:

  • The assignee will be an integral part of the EBTIC team working on a project of direct relevance to his/her employer and or the UAE.
  • The contribution of the assignee is expected to be in the technical development of the project in addition to helping the transfer of technology to the partner (e.g. acting as the ambassador and facilitator for the project within the organisation).
  • The selected projects require technical know-how in order for the secondees to make a worthy contribution. Hence the focus will be on ICT engineering staff. Selection of candidates will be based on their ability to contribute to the innovation agenda at EBTIC.

Please send your application or questions to:
Director of EBTIC