Today, AI models for Smart Society are expected to provide sound advice to individuals as well as high-quality guidance targeted to groups in all key aspects of everyday life. However, citizens have shown to be available to share their lifestyle data only in exchange for high-quality, personalized insight. Consensus among stakeholders must be reached on how to collect and share the huge amount of information needed to support societal models’ prediction, simulation, data visualization, and decision-making.

EBTIC Smart Society Theme’s research will focus in phase 3 on two types of societal models: simulation models, which support a priori analysis of communities’ performance in terms of their activities and of the underlying costs, and predictive models, which forecast a society’s performance and sustainability in key areas like education and healthcare, guiding the individuals’ behaviour to optimize the society’s operation.

The Smart Society Theme will deliver community-specific AI models for urban space management and healthcare policies, exploiting social communications in UAE’s unique multi-lingual environment, local genomics data, past treatment outcomes and dwellings and living conditions of community members to compute predictions and optimize policies. EBTIC Smart Society theme will also introduce new techniques for behavioural monitoring targeting specific characteristics of societal models, as well as for estimating prior distributions of unknown factors typical of societal features.