To be an international centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation driven by strong industry-academia and government partnership


EBTIC's mission is:

Tackle National and Societal Challenges

  • Drive a national research and innovation programme aligned with national priorities.
  • Tackle societal challenges that require national level drive and coordination, such as health & education.

Scientific Excellence

  • Enhance UAE international standing through numbers of patents and publications.
  • Enhance UAE position in ICT network readiness index.
  • Financial benefit from exploiting IPR.

Skills Building, Education, Training

  • Skills development across the nation without bias towards short term return on investment and therefore the trained talents would be allowed to disperse across all industries within the country.
  • Enhance the standard of education through various education support programmes.

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

  • Improve the national scientific standard through partnerships with other institutes to promote research excellence and science.
  • Drive industry-academia collaboration to ensure that research and innovation are down-streamed on a national level to yield commercial and societal benefits.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

  • Provide open collaborative research and innovation programme that effectively contributes to the national infrastructure.
  • Deliver real world innovative solutions that can be commercially exploited.